Модель Оля
Miss Model Oyla


Model Oyla

Модель Оля (Model Oyla) is a Ukrainian model who is best known for her 2008 photoshoots as Betty Boop by Retro Atelier. Her photograph had surfaced on HelloBeautiful's official website where the lifestyle editor Danielle Young who posted the images claimed they were Esther Jones without researching the origin of the photographs. The photos later made their way to MadameNoire and then went viral on Tumblr, Facebook and social media worldwide. 


  • Images of Olya dressed as Betty Boop are classed as cosplay and are often mistaken for Baby Esther Jones and sometimes Helen Kane.
  • Sometimes the model is claimed to be Russian.
  • Oyla is not to be confused with the model Olga Alberti, they are complete different people.


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