A Hunting We Will Go


A Hunting We Will Go

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A Hunting We Will Go


 A Hunting We Will Go (1932)

Betty Boop's twenty-second cartoon appearance is in this Talkartoon produced in 1932. The cartoon begins with a look at Betty Boop's little cabin in the woods. (In most cartoons, she is a city girl.) We find Betty Boop inside, playing a fine, rousing version of the tune "Then I'll Be Happ". Bimbo and Koko come up and shoot at the moose, who runs off. Then they overhear the rest of Betty's song. When Bimbo and Koko hear Betty, their hearts sail up out of their bodies. Koko's heart kisses Bimbo's heart. Bimbo's heart does not appreciate the attention. Then Koko and Bimbo rush into Betty's cabin, and in one of the more jarring scenes in a cartoon, they stroke her leg while Koko exclaims, "Okay, baby, we'll fix you up!" Next ensues a long sequence of hunting and animal gags. Notable about this sequence is the crude rendering of the animals. The deer is really bizarre-looking, with a blobby nose and undershot jaw, and a strange furry collar. One gets the impression that the artist just didn't know what a deer is supposed to look like, but the result is funny. Most of the gags here are pretty standard hunting gags, but one that stands out is a joke about leopards. An unspotted cat tries to follow some leopards into a club, and is kept out by a door keeper; he isn't qualified to enter the "Leopard Colony." Finally, animals attack Bimbo and Koko, and each has a big fight from which he emerges victorious, with a pile of furs over his shoulder. They pile their booty on a rock in front of Betty's cabin, and call her out to show her the furs. But Betty is dismayed by all the freezing, naked animals who have followed Koko and Bimbo to her place, wanting their furs back. Betty then starts handing the furs back to the animals at random, so that they don't end up with the fur they started with. The cartoon ends with Betty wearing an enormous spotted fur, marching in a parade with all the animals, next to a fondly grinning naked animal. On the other side of her, ignored, march a glaring Koko and Bimbo.


  • Betty Boop: "I wanna have a fur coat, have a fur coat! Not until then will I be happy!"


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  • Was released on the 29th of April in 1932.

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