A Play In 5 Boops
Collective Rage A Play in 5 Boops

Collective Rage A Play in 5 Boops


A Play In 5 Boops

A Play In 5 Boops is a adult orientated theatre show. Betty is rich. Betty is lonely. Betty’s a dutiful wife, but Betty’s busy working on her truck. Betty wants to talk about love, and Betty wants Betty, but Betty needs to hit something. And Betty keeps using a small hand mirror to stare into parts of herself she’s never examined. Meanwhile, Betty decides to stage a production of that play-within-a-play from…what’s it called? Summer’s Midnight Dream? In Collective Rage, five different women named Betty collide at the intersection of anger, sex, and the "thea-tah." Award-winning playwright Jen Silverman’s absurdist romantic comedy is at once hysterical, inspired, and boldly uncompromising. When you’re done laughing, you’ll be ready to deliver a knockout blow to a thousand different well-worn tropes about female identity…and dare them all to say "Boop."

Betty Boop #1 

Betty Boop #1 is Caucasian, femme, rich, entitled, and uptight. She lives her life by the societal rules and restraints of the upper-class, however she is fueled by a secret rage of dissatisfaction with her life and her world. She is feminine which means she's tough. And fed up with being defined by the male gaze. 

Betty Boop #2 

Betty Boop #2 is Caucasian, femme, rich and uptight, but obviously coming undone. Her prim and proper facade is falling a part with her secret obsession with erotica and sexuality. In desperate pursuit of happiness, in the face of an almost unbearable loneliness.

Betty Boop #3 

Betty Boop #3 is Hispanic/Latino, femme, charismatic and pretty. She wields her sexuality with force and is used to getting her way. She is kind of a know-it-all. She tackles any new challenge with bright-eyed cocky confidence.

Betty Boop #4 

Betty Boop #4 has no ethnicity and is open to all. She is a butch lesbian, reserved, gently melancholic, and too often ignored or over looked. She loves Betty 3 intensely, which sometimes puts her a bad position. She is not one for the spotlight, she would rather work on her truck.

Betty Boop #5 

Betty Boop #5 is an African-American butch lesbian, tough, a boxing gym- owner with a cut body and a great tattoo, she also loves working on her truck. Betty 5 is scrappy, with a bit of an edge, but emotionally solid and stable.

Cast & Crew 

  • Beth Hylton/Elyse Mirto/Ann Marie Olson as Betty Boop #1
  • Dorea Schmidt/Courtney Rackley/Betsy Graver as Betty Boop #2
  • Natascia Diaz/Anna Lamadrid/Vanessa Elise as Betty Boop #3
  • Kate Rigg/Karen Anzoategu/Gretchen Porro as Betty Boop #4
  • Felicia Curry/Travey A. Leigh/Carey Hart as Betty Boop #5
  • Jen Silverman (Writer)
  • Mike Donahue (Director)


  • The show was renamed A Play in Five Betties.
  • The song featured in the play is titled "P**y".