Abusive Farmer
Evil Farmer From Be Human


Abusive Farmer

Voiced by

Jack Mercer

The Abusive Farmer is a minor character who appears in Be HumanBetty Boop is incensed at her farmer neighbor's cruelty to his animals. But the inventive Grampy teaches him a lesson.


  • Abusive Farmer: "I'll show ya!"
  • Abusive Farmer: "Aww, shut up!"
  • Abusive Farmer: "Well!? Can't? WHY YOU!"
  • Abusive Farmer: "Ya-ha-ha-ha!"
  • Abusive Farmer: "It's futile to be brutal that won't get you a dime to be human all the time!"


  • The abusive farmer has been compared to Billy Joe Gregg, who abused numerous cows and calves at the Conklin Dairy Farms in Ohio in 2010.

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