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I'll do my number first!

Ain't Cha kinda glad 


Ain't Cha kinda gay?

When ya hear me say 

I loves ya

Aww, tell me baby

Aww, Ain't Cha


And don't ya kinda miss

That little bit of bliss

When a hug or kiss I gives ya

Aww, tell me baby

Hum, hum don't ya?

Ya know pretty soon

There'll be a honey moon

And to the preacher we'll go

And in a year maybe honey dear

We'll have a 




Ain't Cha kinda glad 


Ain't Cha kind gay?

When ya hear me say I loves ya

Aww, tell me baby


Aha, won't ya ha?


Betty Boop Makeup Transformation Tutorial-007:06

Betty Boop Makeup Transformation Tutorial-0

Ain'tcha by Betty Boop (Song Only)00:59

Ain'tcha by Betty Boop (Song Only)


  • A song originally recorded by Helen Kane for Victor Records and her appearance in the 1929 film Pointed Heels. 
  • Is sung by Mae Questel in the 1932 cartoon The Betty Boop Limited.
  • Is covered on the Gary Lucas album Fleischerei by Sarah Stiles.
  • The song (as sung by Mae Questel not Helen Kane's version) trended by Jbunzie a Youtube make-up/cosplay artist and has been seen by over 5,525,567 people.

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