Any Little Girl That's A Nice Little Girl


Any Little Girl That's A Nice Little Girl

 Any Little Girl That's A Nice Little Girl is a 1931 Talkartoon featuring animated cats Casanova Cat and Lulu Belle. Casanova Cat, who has a girlfriend for every day of the week, visits his favorite: Lulu Belle.


  • Casanova Cat: "Alright Rosie meet ya Thursday!"
  • Casanova Cat: "Friday is alright Peaches."
  • Casanova Cat: "Sure babe you can see me Friday, Peaches that's off for Friday!"
  • Peaches: "I'll teach you to go out with my boyfriend you hussie!"
  • Casanova Cat: "Little too heavy won't do!"
  • Casanova Cat: "Way too skinny not so hot..."
  • Casanova Cat: "Little too strong for me."
  • Casanova Cat: "Oh, boy!"
  • Casanova Cat: "So long!"
  • Lulu Belle: "What!? TAKE THAT!"


Cast & Crew




  • Was released on the 18th of April in 1931.
  • The photo sequence showing the images of Casanova Cat's dates are shown in the wrong order.

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