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Any Rags?


Any Rags?

 Any Rags? is a 1932 Talkartoon featuring Betty Boop and Bimbo.  Bimbo the garbage man walks the streets asking the townsfolk if they have "Any Rags?" (Bimbo strips people's clothes off and takes other things that are not really garbage as trash). He comes across Betty Boop who throws her garbage to him from her window. Bimbo then auctions off all the garbage he has collected from his cart to a crowd which includes Koko the Clown, who purchases a bowtie. When Bimbo opens Betty's garbage bag, Betty Boop leaps out and kisses Bimbo. The cart then rolls down the hill and turns into a home for Betty and Bimbo.


  • Bimbo: Any Rags?
  • Betty Boop: What's that?
  • Bimbo: Any Rags?
  • Betty Boop: Oh no...I don't want Any Rags and bottles today!
  • Bimbo: That's the same old story in the same old way!


Cast & Crew


  • "Any Rags?" sung by Margie Hines and Billy Murray.



  • The cartoon is Betty Boop's debut as a human girl.
  • While singing along with Bimbo to the tune of "Any Rags?", Betty's dress slips to reveal a frilly bra.

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