At the Codfish Ball
Mae Questel (The Betty Boop Girl) - At The Codfish Ball02:58

Mae Questel (The Betty Boop Girl) - At The Codfish Ball


At the Codfish Ball

At the Codfish Ball


Next friday night your all invited to dance from eight to five

All the fish is still alive are having a ball


It's some affair

They'll all be there

From the Herring to the Whale

They'll turn out to shake a scale in Neptune's hall


Come along and follow me

To the bottom of the see

We'll join in the jamboree

At the Codfish Ball


Lobsters dancing in a row

Shuffle off to buffalo

Jellyfish sway two and throw

At the Codfish Ball

Finn-an-haddie leads the Eel

 Through an irish reel

The catfish is a dancing man

But he can't

Can Can

Like the Sardine can

Tuna's trucking left and right

Minnie's mooching what a night

There won't be a hook in sight

At the Codfish Ball


Come on everybody

Come along and down your care

There'll be sand bars everywhere

Your a little shrimp if your not there






Simple Salmon it's his night

Throwing thins both left and right

Starfish furnish all the light

At the Codfish Ball


Hear the catfish cry meow

Dogfish go bow wow


The pickles on amberjack

And the frog gets in cause he's got a green bat

See the kingfish watch him strut

Bassing's tenner what a nut

Devilfish raises hell above

It's The Codfish Ball

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