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Baby Boop
Baby boo


Betty Boop
Baby Boop






Mr. Boop (father)
Mrs. Boop (mother)
Aunt Tillie (aunt)
Billy Boop (brother)
Bubby Boop (brother)
Buzzy Boop (cousin)

Voiced by

Mae Questel

First Appearance

Stopping the Show

Last Appearance

Is My Palm Read

Baby Boop is a younger version of Betty Boop. She has a lot of screen time in the Betty Boop cartoon entitled Is My Palm Read, Bimbo gaze's into a crystal ball and to reveal Betty Boop her "Baby Days". The scene shows a nude Betty Boop as a Baby taking a bath, She falls out of the bath tub and as she begins to cry, the coathanger puts a blanket over her to which she reply's "Boop Boopy Doop".

Voice Actresses

A Day With Baby Boop

Baby Boop made her most recent appearance in a virtual story book entitled A Day With Baby Boop (2013).  Where you can spend a unforgettable day with Baby Boop and go with her and enjoy activities such as walking in the park, getting dressed up or playing sports.

Baby Boop Look-Alike Contest

On the 20th of July (2013) a Baby Boop look-alike contest was held, during the 22nd Betty Boop Annual Festival.  The Baby Boop Look-Alike contest was open to young girls from newborn to 5 years old. The judging categories in each age group included: Largest Eyes, Curliest Hair, Poutiest Lips, Friendliest, Singing Dancing in three categories of costume (Baby, Classic, International and Showgirl). Everyone receives a trophy.

Betty Boop Musical (Broadway)

According to Sandy Fox she was originally to play the role of Baby Boop in the Betty Boop Musical (Betty Boop on Broadway) but it was cancelled.


  • Stopping the Show (Appears while Betty is singing "I'm an Indian" by Fanny Brice)
  • The Betty Boop Limited (Appears when Betty is singing "Ain't Cha" a song associated with Helen Kane by Betty Boop)
  • Is My Palm Read (Appears in a flashback)



  • Betty's baby days were all made up due to the fact that Betty actually started out as anthropomorthic french poodle in Dizzy Dishes.
  • Baby Boop is used in merchandise which is sold for babies and young children by King Features Syndicate and she can be brought as baby dolls and figures.
  • An older version of Baby Boop appears to be known as Bitsy Boop.
  • Was going to appear in the scrapped MGM Zanuck.Co film.

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