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Barnacle Bill

Barnacle Bill

Barnacle Bill


 Barnacle Bill (1930)

Barnacle Bill (Bimbo) is a sailor on a ship that has just come into port. The Captain tells the crew that nobody is allowed to leave the ship. Bimbo gets into a scrap with the Captain, and when the latter is knocked out unconscious, Bimbo sneaks off the ship with the Captain's address book, and heads for Nancy Lee (Betty Boop)'s house. When he gets there, he begins knocking on her door. Bimbo and Betty begin to sing the lyrics to a tame version of "Barnacle Bill The Sailor". The actions of the film follow along the song's storyline, with Barnacle Bill (Bimbo) romancing Nancy then leaving her to go back to sea, until the Captain returns to see his love Nancy and chases Bimbo to the edge of some cliffs, to push the latter off the cliff and into the sea. Once Bimbo falls to the bottom of the sea, he is greeted by dancing Mermaids who sing "Minnie the Mermaid".


  • Bimbo: "I'm old and rough and dirty and tough!"
  • Nancy Lee: "I'll come down and let you in! I'll come down and let you in!"
  • Bimbo: "I never can get drunk enough!"
  • Bimbo: "I drink my whiskey when I can. Whiskey from an old tin can. For whiskey is the life of man, I'm Barnacle Bill the Sailor."

Nancy Lee

Nancy Lee Betty Boop Barnacle Bill the Sailor 1930

Nancy Lee (not to be confused with Jenny Lee from another Fleischer animated short) is one of the Captain's many girlfriends, a prototype of Betty Boop following the release of Dizzy Dishes. Nancy lives at 88 Dock St. Other girls featured in the Captain's address book are Molly Dum in Boston, Dixie O Day, Minnie and Molly May. When Bimbo looks up Nancy Lee in the book he says "that's the one!" but later tells Nancy in song that he has a wife in every port. He also tells her that he courts them all both old and young and courts them all but marries none. After he is finished with Nancy he sings; "never again I'll come no more I'm Barnacle Bill the Sailor", which indicates that he has finished with Nancy (used her for sex) which was referenced in the gossiping cats scene where the scene quickly cuts to Nancy Lee and Bimbo playing chess.


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  • Was released on the 30th of August in 1930.
  • This is Betty Boop's second appearance.
  • In this her second appearance, Nancy Lee's (Betty Boop) curls have been removed from her hair, only to return in Mysterious Mose.
  • One day, Dave Fleischer handed Grim Natwick a photograph of singer, Helen Kane and asked him to design a caricature. Fleischer had found a sound-alike (Margie Hines) and planned to use the character (Betty Boop) in the then-upcoming Talkartoon, "Dizzy Dishes". Grim exaggerated Kane’s wide eyes and rosebud mouth, creating a slightly coarse but strikingly original design. A few weeks later, Dave asked Grim to design a girlfriend for Bimbo to star as the "fair young maiden" in a cartoon adaptation of the popular song, "Barnacle Bill the Sailor". Grim streamlined and refined his caricature of Kane for the part. But Dave Fleischer objected, insisting that since Bimbo was a dog, his girlfriend should also be a dog. Grim quickly sketched Betty Boop’s head on a four legged canine body. He held up the drawing next to the pretty girl design, and asked, "Which would you rather have as your girlfriend? A girl? Or a dog?" Dave laughed and agreed that the pretty girl was the right choice.