Beauty Parlor Assistant


Beauty Parlor Assistant


The Beauty Parlor Assistant is a minor character appears in Crazy Town where she works in the Beauty Parlor. At the store she works in women replace their own heads with mannequin heads.


  • Is the only other pretty girl to be featured in the eariler Betty Boop cartoons. Usually the cartoons focus on Betty and the majority of background characters are male.
  • Betty Boop hangs out with her for a few seconds, watching her put mannequin heads on her customers, until one customer asks for Betty's head. Betty then precedes to run away screaming.
  • The store she works in is right next door to the Barber Shop.
  • It could be presumed that her head is that of a mannequin as she works in the store. But unlike her customers she has a petite body frame indicating that it is her real head.