Betty Boop: Oh, hi there fella's ya did a dynamite job on the sign!

Wanna come in and dance and rock and roll with me?

Bimbo: Me

Koko the Clown: I do!

Koko the Clown: Can you dig a threesome?

Bimbo: Hey, me first!

Betty Boop: Oh, well alright fellows... everybody can Boop Boop a Doop! C'mon the music's hot!

Betty baby

Running for the President

Betty baby

Wait until we meet again

Look at her move now she's so fine


Who-e Betty your gonna be mine


I've been waiting all night long

Hopeing for a chance

Now the music's going strong

C'mon Betty dance

She didn't say much but she knew what i wanted


O-e Betty put her finger right on it

We danced all night long

She put me in ecstasy

All the moves still going strong

Betty baby to me


  • Performed by Victoria D'Orazi, Manny Freiser and written by Dan Dalton. 

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