Betty Boop's 5th Avenue
5th avenboop


Betty Boop's 5th Avenue

Betty Boop's 5th Avenue™ from Bally01:13

Betty Boop's 5th Avenue™ from Bally


 Betty Boop's 5th Avenue


America’s Sweetheart is back, Betty Boop takes players on a luxury shopping spree and offers seven ways to spin the wheel. The latest and greatest Betty Boop slot to be released by Bally Technology. It's Betty Boop's 5th Avenue Slot complete with Pudgy! Betty Boop’s 5th Avenue Slot Machine has a Cash Wheel to spin, where players win credits. It features three progressive jackpots at any bet level, plus six mini games during the 5th Avenue Bonus! Players can also personalize bonuses by choosing their own shopping theme!


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  • Like Betty Boop's Firehouse the game wasn't ported to the iPhone.

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