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In Rudy Vallee Melodies Betty Boop is hosting a party and asks her friends if they can play the piano, she then asked the rest of her friends if they can sing to which each and everyone one of them decline. Betty Boop, trying to keep a party lively, is then aided by Rudy Vallee, who comes to live-action life from a sheet music.

Betty Boop's Animal Friends

These friends only appear in the Screen Song Rudy Vallee Melodies, Bimbo & Koko the Clown are absent from this cartoon.


Bunny is one of Betty Boop's friends and is the only character who has a bigger role in the cartoon where he can be seen playing the piano.

  • I can play the piano,
  • I only play by ear!

Bound Lizard

Bound Lizard are a couple who attend Betty's party.

  • I'm sorry we're busy!


Not to be confused with Betty Boop's baby brother Aloysius aka later known as Billy Boop.

  • I can't sing!

Miss Pumpernickel

Miss Pumpernickel seems to be very shy, she too states that she will not sing for Betty.

  • Hehe... not me!


  • I gotta pool!


Percival is a very flamboyant character who tells Betty he will not sing, and is then punched in the face by a nameless character. (Most likely Gus Gorilla)

  • Not me dearie!


  • All the characters who Betty called in the cartoon were named and had a small speaking role, but most of the characters  are not seen in the rest of the early Betty Boop series,except for Tiny who appears in Betty Boop's May Party.
  • Many other animal friends make appearances such as Victor Lion but are all nameless.
  • Bimbo, Koko & Aloysius later known as  (Billy Boop) who were three of Betty's main animal friends are absent from Betty's house party.

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