Betty Boop's Diner


Betty Boop's Diner

 Betty Boop's Diner was an official Betty Boop diner in San Francisco which opened from 8AM to 8PM. You was be able to order delectable diner favorites including The Boop-Oop-a-Doop Burger, Koko’s Chicken Sandwich, Pudgy’s Pancakes and The Hollywood Veggie Sandwich, plus the opportunity to purchase exclusive Betty Boop collectibles and merchandise in a small boutique within the store. The store opened in 2006 and is now closed. There is another Betty Boop Diner in Crockett Texas. There is also a Betty Boop Diner in Japan which opened in Minato, Tokyo in 2017.


  • Mark Fleischer son of Richard Fleischer & great grandson to Animation pioneer Max Fleischer attended the opening of the diner.
  • The diner had the look and feel of nostalgia with a Betty Boop theme that included two original giant wall-sized murals commissioned to capture Betty Boop in San Francisco.
  • One of the murals depicted Betty Boop riding a street car in her signature red dress while a second shows her driving down the twisting turns of Lombard Street.
  • Betty Boop’s Diner was managed by the owners of the world-famous Sears Fine Food and Lori’s Diners. The team had vast experience in developing and managing restaurants in the San Francisco area.


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