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Betty Boop's Life Guard


Betty Boop's Life Guard

Betty is spending the day at the beach, where her boyfriend Fearless Fred works as a life guard. Betty is enjoying the ocean while floating in her inflatable rubber horsey when it springs a leak. Freddy dives in to save Betty, but she goes under, where she begins to imagine she's a mermaid. At first Betty enjoys her new underwater life, swimming and singing with the other undersea inhabitants. The fun ends when a sea monster chases her. Just before the monster catches her, she wakes up, safe in Freddy's arms.


  • Fearless Fred: "Don't go out too far Betty you know you can't swim."
  • Betty Boop: "I'll be alright Freddy I have my rubber horsey!"
  • Fearless Fred: "Good bye Freddy!"


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  • Betty Boop's Life Guard was the first Post-Code Betty Boop cartoon.
  • The Hays Office ordered the removal of the suggestive curtain introduction which had started the cartoons until then because Betty Boop's winks and shaking of her hips was deemed "suggestive of immorality."
  • This cartoon featured the second appearance of Betty's boyfriend Fearless Freddy.
  • The cartoon was released just 13 days after the Hays-Code affected in July 1, 1934.

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