Betty Boop (Line Play)


Betty Boop (Line Play)

Betty Boop is featured in the online Japanese avatar game entitled Line PlayLine Play is free communication app that allows you to decorate your own room and use a cute avatar as your alter ego, you can also share with friends, use a diary avatar, or to chat. It is a part of the LINE Messenger app and is available for iPhones & Android. Line Play is free to download and play. However, some items can also be purchased with real money. 


Line Play celebrates Betty's first appearance. Betty is dubbed "Betty-chan". 

Event Content

If you clear the your job today in "Betty Boop" room you will receive 100 gems in addition to normal bonus gems.

Event Period

Up to 14 days 24:00 in August 2013 from now.


You can have Betty Boop's hairstyle and outfit for both male & female avatars. The avatars also include a Betty Boop plush doll and Pudgy the dog. 



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