Betty Boop is a character who is featured in Universal Studios Theme Parks. Her store is also featured in the theme park, where you can buy Betty Boop related merchandise. Betty is played by interactive performers in person, along with other famous faces such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and many more. Those who are chosen to play Betty in person must wear Betty's full attire, including her famous garter belt as well as a sponge wig that resembles Betty's hairstyle. 

Character Personality

Betty is a light-hearted, care-free flapper, reminding the audience of the Jazz Age. Betty as a character is polite, sweet, friendly and knows right from wrong, is very peppy and her presence can light up a room.

Voice Type

Betty's speaks in a Baby Bronx (Brooklyn) accent, but can differ depending on who is performing her voice.  According to Cindy Robinson, Betty's present voice actress, Betty has two different voice forms, one where she is sultry and sexy as performed by Robinson, and one where she is just cute in general.  Cuter Betty is more high-pitched and is performed by Sandy Fox (voice-wise). The original voices of Betty also had their own unique voice types for Betty, all actresses sounded similar but different, as some were more high-pitched than others, and some used a more baby-ish voice, for example, Kate Wright used a high-pitched voice which could also sound a little nasal at times.  The most famous of Betty's voices was Mae Questel, who made Betty's voice her signature sound and, unlike the several other women who provided Betty's voice, she was the only one who could squeak in a high pitch at the end of her Boop-Boop-e-Doop routine.

Example:  Boop-Boop-e-Doop "Bop."

Little Ann Little (First Person to Portray Betty in Person)

Little Ann Little, one of the several original voices of Betty Boop, used to portray Betty to live audiences in the 1930s and also made public and personal appearances as Betty.  According to Little, "I made personal appearance tours as Betty. I used to get loads of fan mail especially from children and men." One of Little's well known appearances was when she had gone on the road with Fleischer Studios female artist Pauline Comanor, where Little would pose while Pauline drew her as Betty Boop, and they finished their act with a "Boop-Boop-a-Doop."

Betty Boop Store

The Betty Boop store is a Betty Boop fan's dream come true, you can get just about anything imaginable. The store is lcoated in Toon Lagoon.


The music in the Betty Boop Store featuring Betty Boop's vocals was recorded by Sandy Fox, which features several Helen Kane covers re-recorded by Fox, and Betty's signature song, "Don't Take My Boop-Oop-a-Doop Away". Helen Kane's original recordings used to be played in the store, with songs such as "Abba Dabba Honeymoon" and "Hug Me Kiss Me Love Me", as shown during the recording of Betty Boop Queen of Cartoons (1995) some of Helen's music can still be heard today when Betty makes her appearances. The most used Helen Kane track is her recording of "I Wanna Be Loved By You", from the 1950 film Three Little Words


Universal Studios Hollywood

  • Sandy Fox (Traveled the world promoting Universal Studios Hollywood and portrayed Betty in person from 1981)
  • Ginger Pauley (12 Years)

Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios NBC

Betty Boop's Costume Design

The dress Betty wears at Universal Studios resembles the dress that Bonnie Poe had wore in Hollywood on Parade No. A-8 only more "cartoony". The dress also has straps added to keep it up, although most recently Betty Boop can be seen wearing strapless dresses at the Theme Parks. Betty changes her costume on multiple occasions, sometimes she can be seen wearing a sailor costume or a gown, and sometimes Betty can be seen as a masked character.   

Bimbo the Dog

Bimbo the dog also makes appearances at Universal Studios as a masked character, sometimes he can be seen with Betty Boop.

Other Characters

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  • In the 1930s, Betty Boop was portrayed by Bonnie Poe and Mae Questel in two short films. According to Questel, in 1932 she also used to portray Betty Boop in person. After a cartoon had been shown to a live audience, she would jump through a paper heart dressed as Betty.
  • Songs that play in Betty Boop's store are usually Boop-related like Helen Kane's music, for example, "Hug-Me-Kiss-Me-Love-Me", which was featured in the Betty Boop Store on Betty Boop's Official Biography DVD. Apart from that, Sandy Fox's voice is also featured in the Betty Boop store, Booping as you enter.
  • Betty Boop also played a part in MGM Grand Hotel, Casino and Theme Park. (Betty Boop in MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park)
  • "I Want You For Christmas" was performed at Universal Studios by Betty Boop & Marilyn Monroe for a special 2016 christmas holiday event entitled "Under the Mistletoe". The duet also included Santa Baby.


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