Betty Boop Bop
Betty Boop Bop


Betty Boop Bop

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Betty Boop Bop Trailer


 Betty Boop Bop

Betty Boop Bop is a game designed for multi touch devices IOS, Android and PS Vita. Betty Boop, Bimbo and the the Old Man of the Mountain come to life in 3D for the first time in 21 original songs featuring unique gameplay designed for multi-touch devices. Featuring four different difficulty settings the game is suitable for all players.


The game is a paid app with no in-app purchases, ads push up notification or the need for internet connection, offering players the complete experience upfront with no hidden costs or intrusive free to play mechanics.


Cast & Crew

  • Heather Halley as Betty Boop (CGI Opening)
  • Camilla Bard as Betty Boop (Singing Voice & misc)
  • David Babich as Bimbo
  • Kenley Kristofferson (Singer)
  • Andrew Yankiwski (Announcer)
  • Miron Blumental (Producer)
  • Mickey Blumental (Director & Film Editor)
  • Asa Movshovitz (Art Direction)
  • Ilan Volovich (Visual Effects)
  • James Higgins (Programmer)



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