Betty Boop Clones
Betty Boop Clones 3


Betty Boop Clones



Voiced by

Mae Questel

First Appearance

Bimbo's Initiation

Last Appearance

Bimbo's Initiation

Betty Boop Clones are clones of Betty Boop who appear in Bimbo's Initiation. They first appear as robed figures and attempt to initiate Bimbo the dog into the Mystic Order of the Boom Boom a Hotcha. They try to enlist Bimbo several times, he responds with the same answer "No!" When the leader of the secret society reveals herself to be Betty Boop, Bimbo accepts.


  • When dressed in robes they wear candles on top of their heads.
  • They also carry weapons (boards with nails) but do not use them.
  • They try to frighten Bimbo into joining their mystic order but fail.
  • Betty Boop in her early form as a anthrmoporphic french poodle is the head leader of these clones but it is unknown how she cloned herself.
  • When Betty seductively reveals herself to Bimbo, he accepts her invitation, she thanks him by dancing sexually towards him, by slapping her butt and shaking her hips, Bimbo then begins to join in with her and the robed figures reveal themselves to be clones of Betty Boop.
  • The cartoon they appear in is a reference towards Freemasonry.


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