Betty Boop Darts Assistant


Betty Boop Darts Assistant

 Betty Boop appears in Betty Boop Dart Assistant an Android PEGI 12 game by HiPPONET Games. HiPPONET, est. 2006 in the heart of Transylvania. Since inception, this was a brotherhood of coders, bound together by common perspectives on life and software development. They have many software projects, almost exclusively with foreign clients, doing both product development and maintenance, and they have been doing it successfully for ten years. Betty Boop on your Andriod device! Discover an awesome and entertaning way to keep track of scores while playing the game you love! Betty Boop Darts Assistant is an easy and practical way for keeping scores during relaxing darts matches with friends. Basic subtraction and addition are hard, more so if you had a beer too much! Do you want to impress the ever beautiful Betty Boop and challenge your friends to do the same? Then, this engaging and intuitive app is a must during casual game nights! The further you are from the chalkboard, the better will will be for everyone. You will love the simplicity, flexibility and ease of use of this app and you will discover that scoring a dart match will be easier with this fun loving application. Now you can play your favourite game and keep track of scores without wondering whether the score keeper is adding right. Happy darting, it's time to get scoring with Betty Boop!