Betty Boop Doll (1930)


Betty Boop Doll (1930)

The first Betty Boop dolls were created in the 1930s and debuted in 1931, with only 1000 of these wooden-jointed dolls made. The size of the dolls were 17 inches. In 2005, an all-porcelain replica of the beloved 1930s Betty Boop doll was remade from the Danbury Mint Collection, but the size of the replica is only 13 inches.



  • The dolls appear in Popeye the Sailor (1933) as prizes in the ball-toss game.
  •  Mae Questel had a picture taken holding the doll when it was first released.
  • You could buy them in black, red & green outfits.
  • The dolls hair color is jet black.
  • The doll appears on Theodore J. Valiant's desk in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • The 1934 cartoon Parade of the Wooden Soldiers revolves around Betty Boop as a doll.

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