Betty Boop Musical


Betty Boop Musical

Betty Boop Musical/ Betty Boop Broadway 

The inimitable Betty Boop joins her friends Bimbo and Koko to work her irresistible charm in reuniting her grandfather (who has created the Greatest Invention of Mankind) with the long-lost, true love of his life, while saving the Happy Heart Theater from the developer’s bulldozers.



On the 24th of October (2014) David Foster posted an update on the Broadway production. He stated that they were in their first reading for the musical. According to information the Broadway musical is set for fall 2018.


  • Grampy
  • Judge Groucho
  • Reporter
  • Bailiff
  • Candy Reporter
  • Venus
  • Edwina/Eddie
  • Pearl
  • Eugenia Randy
  • Girl 
  • Harry

Origins (Scrapped Broadway 2002-2003) 

In 2002, Jason Robert Brown had a meeting with a producer about writing the score for a new musical based on Betty Boop, but it did not work out as expected. The original rights-holder of the cartoon character had approval of the entire creative team so, before he could be officially hired, he was asked to write two songs that might fit the show. Brown went into the studio with Nicole Van Giesen to record them and almost immediately heard from the producer that the rights-holder and all producers loved his songs. He got the job and was going to write the big Broadway musical about Betty Boop, and then got fired. Five years after his involvement there was a whole new creative team.

Betty Boop (Scrapped Broadway) 

  • Nicole Van Giesen as Betty Boop
  • Kristin Chenoweth as Betty Boop
  • Sandy Fox as Baby Boop

Scrapped Songs 

Official Songs (Broadway) 


  • In 2006 Kristin Chenoweth hinted to a fan that her music director Andrew Lippa was creating a Betty Boop Musical and hinted that she would have done the role. 
  • 15-time Grammy® Award winner David Foster is currently writing the music for the Betty Boop Musical, which will Broadway in the 2010-2011 season at a Nederlander theatre to be announced.
  • The Broadway is currently in development by David Foster and might debut in 2015-2016.
  • According to Sandy Fox, she was originally to play the role of Baby Boop on Broadway but it was cancelled.

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