Betty Boop Bio
From the "A&E "Biography" series, a review of the birth, development and cinematic history of Betty Boop, the flapper cartoon character who has been a popular icon since the 1930s.


  • The Biography states nothing of her guest appearance in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" which was released in 1988 or "The Romance of Betty Boop" produced by Collosal Pictures.
  • Grim Natwick who created the first version of Betty was not credited at all.
  • The animators who took over and re-designed the character were never mentioned. Myron Waldman was interviewed, but the producers never identified Myron was having been the head animator on more episodes of the Betty Boop series than anyone else.
  • The footage of the women who did the Boop voice was framed as though it was some sort of audition footage. It was not. It was taken from a Paramount newsreel celebrating the collapse of Helen Kane's lawsuit against the Fleischers for having used an imitation of her voice.
  • Mae Questel's name was mis-pronounced throughout the show.
  • Max Fleischer invented many things, but he did not invent Cinecolor as stated in the production. Max, like other producers, used Cinecolor because Disney had an exclusive contract with the much superior Technicolor process.
  • The show made the audience believe that Betty, aside from licensing, has been a dead character since 1939.



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