Betty Boop Stamps Cause Senseation!! (1998)

Post Office finally honors flpper. Betty Boop fans and collectors are suddenly scrambling to obtain a Limited Edition 9 Stamp set that has been issued by the Post Office of Guinea to commemorate America's favorite flapper. Now almost 70, Betty Boop has charmed untold generations with her very special style. Collector demand for these first ever Betty Boop stamps has been unvelievable, stated John Van Emden of the International Collectors Soociety, sole worldwide distributor of stamps. Betty Boop captured the heart and soul of the jazz era in the 1930s and has remained popular with every succeeding generation. Collectors now have what may be their only opportunity to get the first official goverment issued legal tender stamps ever to honor Betty Boop. In fact, we're nearly sold out. Collectors are already predicting that in the very near future these stamps will be far more saught after and be more desirable than the U.S. Bugs Bunny stamp, the most popular stamp of all time. When you compare that to these Betty Boop stamps, which are limited to just thousands of sets worldwide you can see the irresistible appeal that these stamps have to stamp collectors and Betty Boop fans, added Van Ernden. Each of the nine stamps is about four times the size of a regular U.S postage stamp and is officially authorized and endorsed by Betty Boop. They're legal for postage in Guinea and are recongnized by every postal authority around the world. Gotta have em? They're available for a short time at $9.95 (plus $3 postage and handling) for the complete set of nine different colorful stamps, accompanied by an individually numbered ICS Certificate of Authenticity and the free pocket guide; "99 Little Known Facts About Betty Boop." The most you can buy is six sets. Send your check or money order today.