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Some items are also known to Boop Fans as 'Boopabilia'.


Toys, Games, Media:

Betty Boop's Big Break (1990, Comic Strip)

Betty Boop Doll (1930) (1930 & 2005) (Memorabilia)

Glamour Gal Betty Boop Barbie Mattel (2001)

CR Betty Boop (2003) (Japan)

Betty Boop Precious Kids Dolls (2005)

Betty Boop Talking Bottle Opener

Betty Boop's Big City Adventure (2006) (Online Flash Game)

Betty Boop's Double Shift (2007-2008) (Nintendo DS)

Betty Boop Movie Mix Up (2009) (Namco, Mobile Phone)

Betty Boop Color Cross (2011) (Apple/Itunes)

Betty Boop's Love Meter (2012) (Bally/Apple/Itunes)

Betty Boop's Fortune Teller (2012) (Bally/Apple/Itunes)

Hypnose Star (2012) (Apple/Itunes)

A Day With Baby Boop (2013) (Playtales. S.L Apple/Itunes)   

Betty Boop Dance Card (2014) (Fowl Moon Studios)

Betty Boop's Firehouse (2014) (Bally/Slots)

Dress Betty Boop (2015) (IOS Fashions UK)

Betty Boop's 5th Avenue (2015) (Bally/Slots)

Betty Boop TM & Pudgy (2015) (Chantilly Lane)

Graduation Betty Boop TM (2015) (Chantilly Lane)

Birthday Betty Boop TM (2016) (Chantilly Lane)

Nurse Betty Boop TM (2016) (Chantilly Lane)

Halloween Betty Boop TM (2016)] (2016) (Chantilly Lane)

Christmas Betty Boop TM (2016) (2016) (Chantilly Lane)

Food & Drink:

Betty Boop Oop a Doop BBQ Sauce

Boop-Oop-a-Doop Juice


Betty Boop Precious Kids Dolls

Betty Boop's Garter Belt

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