Betty Boop & Grampy


Betty Boop & Grampy

Betty Boop and Grampy

Betty Boop and Grampy


 Betty Boop & Grampy (1935)

Betty receives an invitation to a party from her elderly relative Grampy. As she strolls along singing "I'm On My Way to Grampy's", she is joined by two men, a fireman and a traffic cop — who irresponsibly drop everything (including a piano, a burning house and a traffic jam) to go to Grampy's party. Grampy is an eccentric inventor, whose labor-saving devices are of the Rube Goldberg variety. For example, he has a device that moves his entire house to the front entrance whenever the doorbell is rung. The glass shade of his ceiling light is rigged to double as a punch bowl and he has modified an old umbrella to slice a cake into wedges. Grampy entertains his guests by building self-playing musical instruments out of household appliances (which then play "Hold That Tiger"). Everyone dances until they drop from exhaustion, the exception being the exuberant Grampy.


  • Betty Boop: "Grampy, whoa! Such a darling."


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  • Was released on the 16th of August in 1935.
  • At the start of the cartoon, Betty can be seen humming to her theme tune.
  • A short clip from this cartoon can be seen in the opening credits of the Futurama episode "Hell Is Other Robots."
  • Clips from this cartoon are seen in the music video for The Outhere Brothers' "Boom Boom Boom".
  • A segment of music from this episode was sampled for the episode "Fire Dogs 2" of Ren & Stimpy: "Adult Party Cartoon".