Betty Boop and Her Gang Have Bright Radio Future (1933)

Little baby-eyed star (Mae Questel) of screen cartoon becoming popular on WBEN-WEAF network every friday. That pouty, starry-eyed short skirted little Boop-a-Dooper who's winked at you from the animated screen has come to radio and it looks like she's come for a long stay. It's Betty Boop of course. She has sung her way into the hearts of millions while prancing around with Koko the Clown, Bimbo, Kasper Kangaroo, Molly Mule and all of her other friends who come out of Max Fleischer's inkwell.

Betty has bought them all to radio with her - even Gus Gorilla (the villain!) who's still bothering our Betty on the air, just the way he's been doing on the screen. Betty Boop is Mae Quetel, just as pert, pout and starry of eye as the Betty you've been used to seeing on the screen.

Mae In Early 20's. With the advent of talking pictures, Max began looking around for a voice for Betty and along came a little girl who had just won a Boop-a-Dooping contest. One look and, as far as the amusement world was concerned, Mae henceforth was Betty Boop.

Mae is in her early 20's and got her start during the war. She didn't go over there, of course. She entertained audiences between the acts when those appeals for the Red Cross and Liberty loans were being made. She was only a mite oof a girl then and she's not much bigger now!

She got her real start when Helen Kane, the original Booper was all the rage. Mae won first prize in a Helen Kane contest and she's been on the stage and screen ever since.

Played the Palace. She played the Palace, once the Valhalla of all vaudevillians on her firs tprofessional engagement. The radio folks, always on the look-out for something different, nabbed Betty.

The little baby talker is now heard every Friday at 6:30PM over the WBEN-WEAF network. The program is ne of the most unique on the air and the response to her first few broadcasts shows that radio fans have taken her to their hearts. When Gus Gorilla gives a grunt it's enough to make shivers run up and down your spine.

It's only Vic Erwin and the members of his cartoon orchestra, who get as much fun out of the broadcast, as you do. Speaking of names one of the men who help out with the animal impersonations is Bradley Barker.