Betty Boop and the Girls of Mischeif
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Betty Boop and the Girls of Mischeif

 Betty Boop and the Girls of Mischeif is a DVD that was released on January 1, 2004. It features Betty Boop, Little Audrey and Little Lulu. It was originally released on VHS.


  • Poor Cinderella [1934]
  • Scared Crows [1939]
  • Seapreme Court [1953]
  • A Scout with the Gout [1947]
  • Betty in Blunderland [1934]
  • Tarts and Flowers [1950]
  • Turnerville Trolly [Van Beuren 1936]
  • Bargain Counter Attack [1946]
  • House Cleaning Blues [1937] 
  • Grampy's Indoor Outing [1936]



  • For the DVD release they made Betty Boop's hair red on the back and front cover to match how she appeared in Poor Cinderella.
  • It was originally thought that Mae Questel had provided the voice for Little Lulu, but in fact Little Lulu's voice was provided by Cecil Roy.  Mae Questel stated in a interview that she voiced "characters" in the Little Lulu cartoon series but was not the voice of Little Lulu. 
  • Little Audrey is a Considered a variation of Little Lulu, the original voice of Little Lulu was Cecil Roy, who was best known for voicing Casper the Friendly Ghost, but instead Mae Questel was chosen to voice for Little Audrey.


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