Betty Boop for President


Betty Boop for President

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Betty Boop for President


 Betty Boop for President (1932)

Betty Boop runs for office President against Mr Nobody. Betty's campaign tries to appeal to everyone and real candidates are parodied. Betty's promises for improvements are shown, including door to door trolley stops, improved conditions for keeping the streets clean, and even a giant umbrella to protect the whole city from rain. Betty also promises to tame a split and incorrigible Congress made up of donkey Democrats and elephant Republicans, and offers a simple solution for prison reform: she will transform each hardened criminal into a limp-wristed sissy. Betty's campaign promises win the crowd over, and she is voted into the White House by a landslide. A large parade is held in the new President's honor, as she thanks one and all. Both sing about their policies and Betty Boop ends up the winner.


  • Betty Boop: "Some of you have money! While some are poor you know if you send me to Washington I'll just divide the dough!"

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  • Was released on the 4th of November in 1932.
  • The 1948 cartoon entitled Olive Oyl for President was a rework of Betty Boop for President.
  • The cartoon ends with the image of a glass of beer; repeal or modification of Prohibition in the United States was a major contemporary issue.
  • The 1980 film entitled Hurray for Betty Boop is also known as Betty Boop for President.
  • Betty Boop briefly morphs into caricatures of Herbert Hoover and Al Smith. Smith was the Democratic Party candidate in 1928 and was widely expected to run again, but the nominee would be Franklin D. Roosevelt. The use of Smith in the cartoon was probably the result in the lead time needed to animate the cartoon before it appeared in theaters.
  • In answer to various problems and political issues, Mr Nobody consistently promises that "Nobody" will solve the problem.
  • The "Nobody for President" slogan was later taken up by hippie activist and entertainer Wavy Gravy.
  • In 2008 CNN compared a winking Sarah Palin to Betty Boop.

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