MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park was a theme park adjacent to the MGM Grand Hotel and casino and in Paradise, Nevada, United States. It opened on December 18, 1993, it closed to the public on September 4, 2000.  The character mascots featured in the park were a child friendly version of Leo the Lion known as King Looey and Betty Boop.

Betty Boop in MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park

In 1993 a Betty Boop impersonator known as Angelia played Betty Boop in person at MGM's Grand Theme Park for eight years. 

MGM Grand Hotel

 In MGM's Grand Hotel the character was portrayed by Terri Gandy from 1999-2001. The casino in the Betty Boop Lounge/Betty Boop Bar featured Bally slot machines and official Betty Boop arcade tokens and chips.  MGM has also licensed rights to many non-MGM characters,including the Three Stooges.


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