Betty Boop to Make Debut November 14 (1931)

Betty Boop is not a debutante but nevertheless she will have a coming out party at the Madison theatre Saturday, November 14. Betty Boop is the latest doll sensation brought to Albany by The Times Union. Have you seen her? Do you want her? She is the cutest, neatest little doll in town, up to the minute in fashions: the last word in sophistication, and ready to roll her eyes in all directions. There will be a children's matinee at the Madison theatre neat Saturday, beginning at 1 o'clock and after that the specia Betty Boop show will be conducted. Then, the Betty Boop dolls will be given away! All you have to do to win of of these little modern beauties is to fill in a last line for the rhyme published with this story and send it to The Betty Boop Contest Editor at The Times Union office 32 Beaver street.  A Betty Boop doll will be given to each person who writes a winning line for one of the rhymes published every day this week in The Times Union.