Betty Co-Ed



Flirtation is an art with Betty-Co-Ed

Her station quite depends upon her charms

She gets the men in rushes

By well cultivated blushes

And she's happy with a fellow on each arm

Betty Co-Ed of lips of red for Harvard

Betty Co-Ed has eyes of Yale's deep blue

Betty Co-Ed's a golden head for Princeton

Her dress I guess is black for old Purdue

Betty Co-Ed's a smile for Pennsylvania

Her heart is Dartmouths so tis said

Betty Co-Ed is loved by every College boy

But i'm the one who's loved by Betty Co-Ed

She made a wreck of Carnagie Tech

And all of it's engineers

She did the same at old Notre Dame

And her line is good for years

Roguish eyes 

Telling lies

Breathing sighs

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