Betty Boop

Voiced by

Marsha Meyers

First Appearance

The Romance of Betty Boop

Last Appearance

The Romance of Betty Boop

Beverly is Betty Boop's best friend in The Romance of Betty Boop. She works as a cigarette girl in the Club Bubbles. She is plump with blonde hair with a little blue bow and wears Betty Boop's signature dress only with laddered stockings.


  • Beverly: "Betty you'll never guess who just came into the club!"
  • Beverly: "It's your dreamboat you're so crazy about is here! Waldo Von Lavish!"


  • Beverly's voice was provided by Marsha Meyers.
  • According to the script, Beverly was supposed to have had a bigger role in the film, but in the film she only appears at the Club Bubbles where she informs Betty that Waldo Van Lavish has arrived at the club. Beverly was originally going to appear at the start of the film where she would have appeared wearing a cloche hat and clunky shoes and was supposed to have spoke in a lilting Brooklynese with a slight lisp and would have originally been seen in the train sequence but that part of the script was scrapped.

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