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Bimbo's Mother

Voiced by

Billy Murray
Cab Calloway (Singing Voice)
Dave Swanson
David Babich

First Appearance

Dizzy Dishes

Last Appearance

Betty Boop's Birthday

Bimbo became the star of Fleischer's Talkartoons series (Replacing Koko the Clown), making his first appearance as Bimbo in Hot Dog. Bimbo was relegated to a supporting character when his girlfriend Betty Boop became a more popular character. The Talkartoons series became the Betty Boop series. Bimbo appeared in Fleischer cartoons from 1930 to 1933, when he was eliminated from Betty's series by the Production Code censorship laws, since a dog with a human girlfriend gave implications of bestiality.


  • Bimbo: Roast duck! (Dizzy Dishes)
  • Bimbo: Boop Poop a Doop! (Dizzy Dishes)
  • Bimbo: Hello beautiful (Bimbo's Express)
  • Bimbo: What a pippin! (Bimbo's Initation)
  • Bimbo: Boop Boop a Dup! (S.O.S)
  • Bimbo: C'mon Betty! (Crazy Town)
  • Bimbo: Any rags? Any rags? Any rags any bones any bottles today!  (Any Rags)
  • Bimbo: For you a rose! (Betty Boop's Bizzy Bee)
  • Bimbo: Congradulations! (Betty Boop's Birthday)


In the 1931 cartoon Wait 'Till the Sun Shines Nellie Bimbo is depicted as a cat.

Bimbo's Other GirlfriendsEdit

Before Betty Boop, Bimbo often had other girlfriends or wifes most of which were prototypes of Betty Boop. His girlfriends appeared in some of the earlier Screen Songs and Talkartoons, some of them even appeared after Betty Boop's debut in Dizzy Dishes from 1931-1932.

Bimbo's ChildrenEdit

In The Bum Bandit, Bimbo has 17 Kids with Betty.

See AlsoEdit

Bimbo's FamilyEdit

Bimbo's Mother and Bimbo's Baby Brother Aloysius appear alongside Bimbo in Minding the Baby, Bimbo's baby brother appears in many of the earlier Betty Boop Cartoons but Bimbo and Aloysius dont seem to connect as they did in Minding the Baby. From 1932 Aloysius was changed from Bimbo's baby brother into Betty Boop's baby brother and his name was changed from Aloysius to Billy Boop. Bimbo's Mother is only seen once in the Betty Boop series, but makes a earlier apperance in the Talkartoons series. Billy Boop appeared in the Betty Boop series until 1933, he was removed with Bimbo and the rest of Betty's animal friends.

Voice ActorsEdit

The Betty Boop Movie Mystery (1989)Edit

Bimbo returns in The Betty Boop Movie Mystery as one of Bettys loyal friend's along with Koko the Clown. Bimbo's fur is blue instead of black and he is known as "Bimbo the Musical Dog" and he has no interest in Betty sexually as he did in the original cartoon series.

Betty Boop Dance CardEdit

Bimbo is a playable character in Betty Boop Dance Card.

Bimbo FilmographyEdit

  • Dizzy Dishes (August 9, 1930)
  • Barnicle Bill (August 31, 1930)
  • Accordion Joe (December 12, 1930) (Lost Episode)
  • Mysterious Mose (December 26, 1930)
  • Teacher`s Pest (February 7, 1931)
  • The Bum Bandit (April 3, 1931)
  • Silly Scandals (May 23, 1931)
  • Bimbo`s Initiation (July 24, 1931)
  • Bimbo`s Express (August 22, 1931)
  • Minding The Baby (September 26, 1931)
  • Mask-A-Raid (November 7, 1931)
  • Jack And The Beanstalk (November 21, 1931)
  • Dizzy Red Riding Hood (December 12, 1931)
  • Any Rags? (January 2, 1932)
  • Boop-Oop-A-Doop (January 16, 1932)
  • Minnie The Moocher (February 26, 1932)
  • Swim Or Sink (S.O.S.) (March 11, 1932)
  • Crazy Town (March 25, 1932)
  • The Dancing Fool (April 8, 1932)
  • Chess-Nuts (April 13, 1932)
  • A Hunting We Will Go (April 29, 1932)
  • Admission Free (June 10, 1932)
  • Let Me Call You Sweetheart (May 20, 1932
  • The Betty Boop Limited (July 1, 1932)
  • Stopping The Show (August 12, 1932)
  • Betty Boop`s Bizzy Bee (August 19, 1932)
  • Betty Boop, M.D. (September 2, 1932)
  • Betty Boop`s Bamboo Isle (September 23, 1932)
  • Betty Boop`s Ups And Downs (October 15, 1932)
  • Romantic Melodies (October 21, 1932)
  • I`ll Be Glad When You`re Dead You Rascal You (November 25, 1932
  • Betty Boop`s Museum (December 16, 1932)
  • Betty Boop`s Ker-Choo (January 6, 1933)
  • Betty Boop`s Crazy Inventions (January 27, 1933)
  • Is My Palm Read? (February 17, 1933)
  • Betty Boop`s Penthouse (March 10, 1933)
  • Snow White (March 31, 1933)
  • Betty Boop`s Birthday Party (April 21, 1933)
  • Betty Boop`s May Party (May 12, 1933)
  • I Heard (September 1, 1933)


  • Bimbo was removed from the Betty Boop cartoons due to Beastiality & the Hays code.
  • Bimbo is best friends with Koko the Clown.
  • Some people think that Bimbo was turned into Pudgy the dog, which is untrue. Pudgy and Bimbo are complete different characters.
  • As did Betty, Bimbo also went through many different designs. Bimbo's official design was finalized in 1931.


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