Bimbo's Initiation


Bimbo's Initiation

Bimbo's Initiation

Bimbo's Initiation


 Bimbo's Initiation (1931)

Bimbo is walking down the street when he is suddenly pushed down an open manhole by a tongue-in-cheek parody of Disney's Mickey Mouse. Bimbo lands in the underground clubhouse of a secret society. The leader asks Bimbo if he would like to be a member of the society, but Bimbo refuses the offer. Bimbo is then sent through a series of dangerous events. He is repeatedly asked by the leader to join, but continues to decline his offer. Bimbo is brought through a series of mysterious doors that lead him into yet another sub-basement. He flees through various deathtraps with his heart literally in his mouth, before landing in front of the mysterious order's leader once again. Bimbo still refuses to become a member until the leader reveals herself as actually being Betty Boop. Bimbo changes his mind and accepts her offer. The rest of the society members remove their costumes, showing that they are all clones of Betty, and Bimbo dances with all of the Betties to celebrate.


  • Betty Boop: "Come inside big boy!"


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  • Was released on the 24th of July in 1931.
  • Mae Questel is mentioned in this cartoon: when Bimbo opens one of the doors he comes across a skeleton on a telephone saying "Mae, I've got a bone to pick with you!".
  • The "Tiger Rag" is played throughout the soundtrack.
  • Bimbo the Dog refuses to be initiated into the Mystic Order of the Boom Boom a Hotcha by robed figures until he discovers that Betty leads the group (later revealed to be comprised of Betty clones) and she asks him, Wanna be a Membah? Which is a reference to Freemasonry.
  • The 1934 Popeye cartoon Can You Take It similarly has its sailor protagonist go through a gauntlet of deadly traps as an initiation. Both cartoons were produced by Fleischer Studios.
  • In this episode, Betty and Bimbo's relationship are supposed to represent a succubus and her prey. She sexually dances in order to entice him which is one of the things succubi are known to do to catch men.