Bimbo's Mother
Bimbos mother


Bimbo's Mother







Voiced by

Billy Murray

First Appearance

Teacher's Pest

Last Appearance

Minding the Baby

Bimbo's mother makes an appearance in "Minding the Baby 1931", She is the mother of both Bimbo & Aloysius. has fallen out with her husband and has had an affair with the ice man. Bimbo's mother goes shopping and leaves Bimbo in charge of his baby brother Aloysius. Aloysius then uses a vacuum cleaner and vacuums both Betty and Bimbo from the apartment next door and his mother from off the street into their home. Leaving Bimbo's mother  furious, Betty, Bimbo and Aloysius hide behind a sofa in Bimbo's home.


  • Bimbo's Mother: "Lazy Bimbo will you get up?" (Teacher's Pest)
  • Bimbo's Mother: "Will you get up? Will get up?" (Teacher's Pest)
  • Bimbo's Mother: "Or you'll be late this morning..." (Teacher's Pest)
  • Bimbo's Mother: ""Bimbo!" (Teacher's Pest)
  • Bimbo's Mother: "Are you up?"  (Teacher's Pest)
  • Bimbo: "Yes mom." (Teacher's Pest)
  • Bimbo's Mother: "Hurry or you'll be late for school." (Teacher's Pest)

Voice Actor


  • This is the second appearance of Bimbo's mother, she appeared in one of the earlier Screen Songs with Billy Boop, but with a different design.
  • Bimbo's mother is of a canine race.
  • Under her dress she wears two garters on each leg.


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