Boop Vs Boop

A lot of Boop-Boop-a-Dooping is going these days in New York City Supreme Court. Where Helen Kane is bringing suit against Max Fleischer, the Fleischer Studios and the Paramount Publix Corporation for $250,000 damages. Helen charges that not only has her highly specialized style of singing been imitated. But her hairdress, make-up and fetching baby mannerisms also have been filched by the defendants in a series of animated "Betty Boop" cartoons.  Helen is shown here in court as she demonstrated to the judge some of the filched film mannerisms. Above, left to right, are Bonnie Poo (Bonnie Poe), Margy Hines (Margie Hines) and Mae Questel. Whose voices were used in the animated cartoons, They also are showing the judge just how to Boop or Doop or something.