Felix Mayol - "Bou Dou Ba Boum" (1913)

Felix Mayol was referenced in the $250,000 Infringement Lawsuit, where it was brought up that Helen Kane might have taken her "scat" lyrics from the 1913 song entitled "Bou Dou Ba Boum" (which Kane denied) as one of Mayol's scat lyrics were "Bou-Doo-Da-Ba-Boo", which means he had Booped even "earlier" than Baby Esther, who used "Boo-Boo-Boo's" and "Doo-Doo-Doo's" in her cabaret show. 

Unfairly Imitated on Screen Says Helen Kane

If the French had a name for her unique style of singing way back in 1914 Helen Kane hasn't heard of it.  Miss Kane who seeks $250,000 damages from Max Fleischer cartoonist, the Fleischer Studios and the Paramount Publix Corporation on the ground that the Betty Boop screen cartoons imitate her singing and unfairly competitive way testified today that the "boop-boop-a-doop" technique was her own contribution to music.  Had she ever heard of a French song published in 1914 and called "Bou-bou-ba-ba-bou?" (Was really called Bou Dou Ba Boum and was published in 1913) asked defence attorney, Louis Phillips,  Helen replied that she hadn't the trial will be resumed.


Chansons historiques de France 246 Bou dou ba da boum ! 191302:47

Chansons historiques de France 246 Bou dou ba da boum ! 1913

Lyrics Transcribed:

Félix Mayol "Bou Dou Ba Da Boo" (1913)

Bou-doo-da-ba-boo," recounts the misadventures of a brave Senegalese soldier (called "Turco, a term normally reserved only Algerian riflemen) involved in the review of July 14 in Paris. Member of the shindig Regiment (music frontline soldiers), he meets a young employee working at the races, a "little errand," with which he knows a brief idyll. But military duty requires him to start fighting in the Sahara (at before the war Saharan borders are not all "pacified"). Bou-doo-da-ba-boo finds a glorious death, always thinking of his beloved, whom he will submit his cross of honor by a comrade of the Legion. 

Among the Senegalese  We brought for review  The Day Fourteen juiller  Was the thing is known  A big man with black skin  Teeth like ivory  I will tell you his story  In this song  First is his name  Of this brave boy 


Y app'lait Bou-doo-da-ba-boo  Y of playing the flute mahogany  I exagèr 'not  It was the most handsome guy  All 'the Nuba  Ah! Ah!  When his regiment paraded  In his merry beans  All-Timbuktu  Especially admired  That of Bou-doo-da-ba-boo 

While walking one morning  At the corner of the ru 'the Quatr' in September  He knew a lil errand  With golden hair like amber  They loved each other a week  But no luck .. Turco  R'partit on African soil  It was heartbreaking  And good child  Said crying 


Y app'lait Bou-doo-da-ba-boo  Y of playing the flute mahogany  And now he goes [option I exagèr 'not]  In the Sahara [variant It was the nicest guy]  With the Nuba  Ah! Ah!  Everything's the Oly's are crazy about him  And is that today c'qui m'désole  Cell's Timbuktu  Need to toy  With Bou-doo-da-ba-boo 

Ell 'kept moaning  And s'lamentait of absence  Admittedly good  The Turco had taken the senses  In the panic of his being  She dared s'permettre  On écrir 'even in a letter  At Mister Poincarré  My heart so sorry!  Where is my beloved? 

Refrain  Y app'lait Bou-doo-da-ba-boo  Y of playing the flute mahogany  Do you know so-da  When he comes back  With the Nuba?  Ah! Ah!  He played 'so flageolet If the State m'payait his ticket  I'll go, it's crazy  To Timbuktu  R'trouver Bou-doo-da-ba-boo 

A soldier of the Legion  The day came knocking on his door  Although qu'ell 'trembled with emotion  Ell 'himself, and remained strong  Tell me, quickly, she said!  There ... Mad'moiselle ...  I bring you news  On one of my friends  Who I promised  To tell you ... I tell you ... c'que 


Y app'lait Bou-doo-da-ba-boo  He did his duty to the end  And in a fight  He died there  With the Nuba  Ah! Ah! Yes dying on his heart  He took his bell 'Cross of Honour  Mam'zelle this is for you  It was the only jewel  Vietn the 'Bou-doo-da-ba-boo 

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