Cindy Robinson


Cindy Robinson
Cindrella Boop

Cindy Robinson has performed on Broadway covering Peter Pan, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Cinderella. She is the current voice of Amy Rose in the Sonic the Hedgehog series (replacing Lisa Ortiz 2010-present). Cindy is also the voice of Leap in the Leapfrog children's educational toy series and she is currently the official voice of Betty Boop. Cindy Robinson's role as the voice of Betty is shared with Sandy Fox. Sandy is the "cuter", more high-pitched Betty whereas Cindy is the "sultry"/"sexy" Betty.  Robinson also does commercials as Betty Boop, and is hired via her official website.


  • Cindy Robinson: "I ended up meeting the lawyer for the Fleischer Studios who got the copyright for the character back.  And he saw me in a couple of musical theatre shows and said you're the real deal.  And he was like, when you gonna be in New York next? And I went two weeks, and he said OK, I want you to go meet the people at King Features.  This guy was behind the desk and he was like, what do you do? and I was like err... "I wanna be loved by you just you and nobody else but you!" and he goes, hey, you sing? And I go yeah! And I've been doing Betty for games, slot machines in Vegas, if you go to any of the slot machines in Vegas, that's me! My dad got to hear that... he was thrilled."

Cindy Robinson on Sandy Fox

  • Cindy Robinson:"Introducing my Sister in Boopdom: Sandy Fox! She's got her cute on doing the new Lancome ad campaign. Yes... there are TWO of us celebrating this ICON-ographic character because Betty is just too big to be contained!"


Removal of her Official Betty Boop Facebook Page

In 2012, Robinson removed her Betty Boop Facebook page stating the following:

"The time has come for change, ya'll so do me a favor and click "Like" on my new page Cindy Robinson. The old Betty Boop page will not be Betty Boop specific. Thanks in advance and Mwah to you all!"


Cindy Robinson as Betty Boop

Cindy Robinson as Betty Boop


  • Robinson is not allowed to talk about her current job roles of Betty Boop (including other characters) as stated in her contract, which is why most of her work as Betty in commercials is uncredited on her official website.
  • Robinson did several commercials as Betty in 2013.

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