Court Dismisses Helen Kane Lawsuit 1934

Concluding a three-week battle that saw his courtroom converted into a Booper's paradise. Justice McGoldrick today dismissed the $250,000 damage suit brought by Helen Kane, who claims to be the originator of the "Boop Oop a Doop" routine. Miss Kane sued Paramount and Max Fleischer screen cartoonist charging the latter had "stolen her stuff" in his Betty Boop cartoons. 

"Shocked and miserably disappointed," Miss Kane said she would appeal.

The court's decision startlingly brief in view of the torrent of testimony that cascaded into the record day after day, upheld in effect the freedom of the Boop. Helen, said the judge, had failed to establish her claims of having created the style of entertaining of which she was Boopingest ex-ponent.

The plump, baby-faced Helen didn't come into court for the bad news. It was relayed to her over the phone in her hotel.

"I think it is an unfair decision," she said. "Public opinion has been with me in my belief that the defendants stole my technique of acting. I discussed the case considerably with my theatrical friends, and they had no doubt that the court would award a decision in my favor."