Dave Fleischer
Dave fleischer


Dave Fleischer

Dave Fleischer is best known as a co-owner of Fleischer Studios with his older brother Max Fleischer. Dave Fleischer was notable during the brothers' early days as the rotoscope model for their first character, Koko the Clown. He went on to become director and later producer of the studios output. Although he is credited as "director" of every film released by the studio from 1921 to 1942, the lead animators actually performed directorial duties, and Fleischer mainly served as producer. Among the cartoon series Fleischer supervised during this period were Talkartoons, Betty Boop and Popeye cartoons, Color Classics and several others. Popeye would go on to be the top rival of Mickey Mouse.

$250,000 Lawsuit

In 1934, Helen Kane sued the Fleischers and Paramount for $250,000 (the $250,000 Infringement Lawsuit), claiming that they had limited her earning power by usurping her singing style with Betty Boop. The trial centered on who had coined the "Boop Oop a Doop" phrase. Dave Fleischer later recalled, "In the courtroom... we were all talking boops and boop-boop-ba-doops and boopety boop-boops, and we'd say, 'It's not a boop, it's a boopety-boop.


  • In April 1942, Fleischer, no longer able to cooperate with his brother, left the company to become President of Screen Gems at Columbia Pictures, although he remained co-manager of Fleischer Studios until Paramount reorganized the studio in May 1942 after the brothers' contracts expired.

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