Ding Dong Doggie


Ding Dong Doggie

Ding Dong Doggie06:37

Ding Dong Doggie


Ding Dong Doggie (1937)

Pudgy the Pup is impressed by a dalmatian fire dog he sees out his window. Against Betty Boop's commands, Pudgy accompanies the dog to a fire at a general store. Pudgy tries to help out, but the fire takes (animated) life and gets the better of Pudgy. In the end, Pudgy is happy to run back home to Betty.


  • Betty Boop: "Pudgy! Can you come back here? Now why don't you listen to me you can't go out and play! I'll have to spank you for that and punish you. Now sit down and don't you dare move from that spot."


Cast & Crew




  • Was released on the 23rd of July in 1937.

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