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Imperial Helen Kane, pioneer Boo Padooper gave an exhibition of goo goo eyes, pouts and other eccentric postures in the Supreme Court in New York to convince Judge T. R. Goldrick that she must have been an inspiration for the so called Betty Boop cartoons. Helen is suing Max Fleischer, cartoonist and the Paramount company for $250,000 for appropriating the Boo Padoop idea without first making a cash settlement. Fleischer insists that the Betty Boop of the films is a creature of his own imagination.

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Though he was forced to admit that Helen's Boopadooping antedated his own Betty Boop.

Helen Wins Point:

The Court adjourned to allow the Judge to view for a second time the filming of The  Bum Bandit  (Dangerous Nan McGrew) which features Betty Boop. And the plaintiff won a point of considerable importance when the Judge agreed that Betty Boop appeared to be a portrait of Helen Kane. The case is still proceeding.