"Friends Reunited" 


You and I we're back together at last,

Dancing and having a blast!

You keep me smiling and thats a fact,

Smitten time just flies right past.

We're a sight,


Our names are glowing in lights,

Betty and Bimbo tonight.

You can't believe it me and you,

We're best friends and thats the truth.

We go together like apple and pie,

There ain't a better match baby you and I.

Because Bimbo were back together at last!

We're the best on time and always well dressed,

Everyones favourite guest.

You and I are going to the top,

We'll dance all night and we won't stop.

One plus one now that makes two,

There ain't a better match than me and you,

Because Bimbo we're back together at last!

We'll do the cha-cha!

Or the limbo,

With Betty and Bimbo!

We'll do the Charleston,

And the shim-sham!

Cause baby I'm your lady,

And your mah man!

Dancing and kicking and making a fuss,

There ain't a better match Besides the two of us.

Because Bimbo we're back together,

Through sunshine and stormy weather,

Yes, Bimbo we're back together at last!


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