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Ginger Pauley

Ginger Pauley is an actress, singer and dancer who is dubbed the "Vintage Girl". She is founder and bandleader of the jazz band Ginger & the Hoosier Daddys, which brings music of the 1920s-1940s, where she performs as a guest vocalist, a solo artist and charms audiences with her spot-on Helen Kane Boop Oop a Doop numbers. Pauley released a Boop-a-Doop song entitled "That's Why I'm Happy" in 2012. 

Ginger Pauley (Betty Boop)

Ginger Pauley as Betty Boop Universal Studios Hollywood

Ginger Pauley portrayed Betty Boop, among several other look-alike characters, at Universal Studios Hollywood for 12 years.

Songs Performed as Betty Boop

Ginger Pauley (Universal Studios)

Ginger Pauley:

"I moved down to Los Angeles and got a job at Universal Studios playing Betty Boop. And they had this band and the band was playing jazz music. And one of the band guys came up to me one day and he came up to me and said you should sing with us. He called me and said he had a 1920s band and asked if I would sing with them. The rest is history, a lot of the fellas that used to work at Universal Studios are now in my band now. Ginger and the Hoosier Daddys. When I first started singing with the 20s band. The Helen Kane music the original Boop-Boop-a-Doop ("I Wanna Be Loved By You") I was given the original recordings, and wanted to re-create the original. So we would play the old version and the band faded into. Which was really fun. As an actor and singer, I had to do my research to sound like Helen Kane & Annette Hanshaw."


Ginger Pauley, " Don't Take My Boop-Op-A-Doop Away"03:15

Ginger Pauley, " Don't Take My Boop-Op-A-Doop Away"

Ginger Pauley as Betty Boop, 201703:46

Ginger Pauley as Betty Boop, 2017

Ginger and Betty Boop00:16

Ginger and Betty Boop

Ginger Pauley sings " I Want To Be Bad "03:20

Ginger Pauley sings " I Want To Be Bad "


  • Ginger Pauley has been performing on stage since she was 5 years old.
  • Her TV credits include Pajama Party and Rude Awakening, including Conan. Her film credits include The Dead Detective, The Revolting Dead, Crouching Waiter Hidden Chef, James Dean and The Unbelievables.
  • She has her own TV show, entitled Vintage America with Ginger.
  • Is passionate about Hollywood's golden age and vintage life.
  • Has the allure of Clara Bow and Annette Hanshaw.
  • For a 2017 New Year's Eve Show, Ginger Pauley dressed up as Betty Boop and did an impersonation performance.


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