"Goin' My Way" is a song that was written for the scrapped Betty Boop 2003 Broadway musical. The song was sung by Nicole Van Giesen as Betty Boop and JRM on the piano. The song was recorded and mixed by Jeffrey Lesser and was recorded at RPM Studios in New York on the 7th of July 2003.

"Goin' My Way" (Lyrics)



I'm the kind of gal who likes a nice juicy steak,

But I'm fine with eating beans from the can.

Everyday I plan to catch a fabulous break,

But my break don't always take to my plan.

Just when I was thinking how this own had me beat,

Somehow I had aces to spare,

Suddenly I'm feeling ten million feet in the air.

Took a train from nowhere with my shoes in a sack and thought...

Soon you'll send me back there to stay...

Look at me glowing cause everything goin my way.


Look at me I'm standing at the top of the pile,

Everything is landing in place,

Golly but it's grand and I can't get this smile of my face.

Baby, this adventures just a freak lucky streak,

That'll last for a week or a day.

Still it's nice knowing that everything's goin my way.


Everything's goin my way,

Goodbye everybody!

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