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Betty Boop (Granddaughter)

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Dizzy Red Riding Hood (Mentioned)

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Dizzy Red Riding Hood

Grandma is referenced in Dizzy Red Riding Hood, a cartoon based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Betty prepares a fish to take to her Grandma's house.  Once Betty reaches her Grandma's house, the house tells Bimbo (who is posing as the Wolf) that "Grandma's gone to the fireman's ball". Bimbo ends up in Betty's Grandma's apparel and pretends to be Betty's Grandmother, which leads Betty to sing the song "Where'd You Get Those Eyes?", in which her Grandma is referenced.

"Where'd You Get Those Eyes?"

Betty Boop:

Where'd you get those eyes?

Where'd you get those limbs?

Where'd you get those big ears Granny?

They make ya look so big'n manly.

Those chin, those nose,

Your big fat head!

I'm scared,

Oh, I'm afraid.

Your eyes look red!

How'd your arms get long?

And so big and strong?

How'd ya get those black hairs on them?

And them muscles all around them?

Oh, dear of Grandma what big teeth you have,


The better to eat you with!


  • She is either parent to Mr. Boop or Mrs. Boop, which would also indicate that if Grampy is Betty's Grandfather, Betty's Grandma could have been his wife.  But the fact that Dizzy Red Riding Hood was made several years before the creation of Grampy and is based upon the fairy tale, would indicate that the appearance of Betty's Grandma is non-canon.

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