Gus Gorilla


Gus Gorilla






Voiced by

William Billy Costello

First Appearance

Dizzy Dishes

Last Appearance

Betty Boop's Halloween Party (Cartoon)/Betty Boop's Double Shift (Game)

Gus Gorilla is a tough character who appears in the Betty Boop series. His first known appearance is in the Talkartoon Dizzy Dishes, he can also be seen in the earliest Betty Boop cartoons sometimes as a background character. Gus also appears in The Herring Murder Case. Gus also appears in The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers as a stuffed toy. He makes his last appearance in Betty Boop's Hallowe'en Party in which he goes on a rampage, Betty scares him away with all her monster friends.


  • Gus Gorilla: "Roast duck!" (Dizzy Dishes)
  • Gus Gorilla: "Hey where's my Roast duck!" (Dizzy Dishes)
  • Gus Gorilla: "Hey you better" get me somthing! (Dizzy Dishes)
  • Gus Gorilla: "Whoops my dear" (The Herring Murder Case)

Voice Actors



  • Gus the Gorilla also appeared on the Betty Boop Radio Show, entitled Betty Boops Fables, also known as Betty Boops Frolics.
  • The character is known to more or less growl than speak, his dialogue is quite short in most of his appearances.
  • Gus is known to be Betty Boop's friend, but he likes to take things by force and is known to go on rampages is things dont go his way.
  • In The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers he is depicted as a stuffed toy and wants to take Betty Boop's head.
  • He murdered the Herring in The Herring Murder Case, which shows he can be quite dangerous.
  • Gus makes his latest appearance in Betty Boop's Double Shift for the Nintendo DS.
  • Gus is also shown to have a soft nature as seen in the end of The Herring Murder Case, when he brakes out of jail and grabs a hankercheif and says "Whoops my dear!" and in Dizzy Dishes after being knocked upside down by Bimbo with his miniature train Gus is shown to wear womens underwear with a garter.

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