Halloween Betty Boop TM
Halloween Betty Boop™ by Chantilly Lane®00:36

Halloween Betty Boop™ by Chantilly Lane®


Halloween Betty Boop TM


Halloween Betty Boop™ dressed to impress, in a spider web themed witch costume. Holding her spider wand, she is sure to put a spell on you! This adorable 14" doll dances and spins while singing, “Betty Boop's™ Halloween Song” . Sung by the official voice of Betty Boop™, Sandy Fox. Featuring the song "There's Something Brewing In The Air, Bats & Witches Are Everywhere!".

"There's Something Brewing In The Air Bats & Witches Are Everywhere!"


There's something brewing in the air,

Bats and Witches are everywhere.

My magic wand will cast a spell,

The ghouls and Goblins don't do well.

The moon is full and oh so bright,

It's hollow time for halloween night.

We'll have some fun,

And once I've begun.

With a Boop-Oopy-Doop!

My spell will be spun,

Trick or treat for something sweet.

Cause I put a spell on you,

Oh, I put a spell on you.



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