Halloween Betty Boop TM
Halloween Betty Boop™ by Chantilly Lane®00:36

Halloween Betty Boop™ by Chantilly Lane®


Halloween Betty Boop TM

 Halloween Betty Boop™ dressed to impress, in a spider web themed witch costume. Holding her spider wand, she is sure to put a spell on you! This adorable 14" doll dances and spins while singing, “Betty Boop's™ Halloween Song” . Sung by the official voice of Betty Boop™, Sandy Fox. Featuring the song "There's Something Brewing In The Air, Bats & Witches Are Everywhere!".

"There's Something Brewing In The Air Bats & Witches Are Everywhere!"


There's something brewing in the air

Bats and Witches are everything

My magic wand will cast a spell

The ghouls and Goblins don't do well

The moon is full and oh so bright

It's hollow time for halloween night

We'll have some fun

And once I've begun

With a Boop-Oopy-Doop

My spell will be spun

Trick or treat for something sweet

Cause I put a spell on you

Oh, I put a spell on you



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